Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beach 2010

So I know that our family vacation was over a month ago, but it's been one of those blogs spinning around in my head.  One of the main reasons I blog is so that I can look back on those memories or times in my life.  Family vacation is most certainly something I want to archive!

For years now, my family has been going to the beach for our summer vacation.  We started out camping, and then when the grandkids started coming along, we found that getting a house was just a lot easier.  I think we finally found a house now that will accomodate us in years to come.  Each family/couple/single person has their own bedroom and the closets are big enough to be a bedroom so the children slept in closets in their parents rooms!

I loved every minute of this vacation.  Ok, almost every minute.  There was the 15 minutes that Gracie was lost.  I didn't like that so much.  It was absolutely terrifying.  We had been at the beach about 15 minutes and realized Gracie was no where around us.  We scattered, looking for her.  Jim told the lifeguards and they messaged her name and age down the line using their little orange flag thingys.  Some ladies found her and brought her to me.  When I found her she was 4 or 5 lifeguard stands down.  That was the longest walk in my life.  We were all crying when she was safely in her momma's arms.  We talked about it a few times over the week about how different our vaction and lives would've been if things would've been different.  It definitely gave me more of a heart for missing children and for what their families must go through.

Last year over vacation I had just had surgery after my miscarriage and was an emotional wreck!  I couldn't go in the water so sitting on the beach wasn't very fun for me.  I remember thinking last year, that maybe I would have a baby by next vacation.  Little did I know that I would have another miscarriage before next vacation.  The thing I loved the most about vacation was having my man around 24/7!  We even took an evening and went out on a date...just the 2 of us...and ice cream, with sprinkles thank you very much!

One thing I love about our family vacation is how we are each on our own and yet do everything together.  We usually all drive out to the beach separate and whoever gets out first finds a spot big enough for all of us.  Some of us stay on the beach all day, some for an hour or so.  We often hit the pool when we got back and then it was naps and games while the children slept!

Babies ate the sand, the rest of us played in it.  The waves were perfect so we spent a lot of time in the water.  There is nothing like some sun and sand and water and family. 

I am so blessed...

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  1. Somehow, after looking at this blog post, I realized that I really miss having fun with all of my acquaintances. Not to mention I really miss going to the beach. It's a good thing that we'll be having our reunion soon. I hope it'll be successful.