Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Barnwood Projects

Sooo..remember that old barn we tore down back in November? 
Well, it has been reduced to this...
After weeks,  months of it taking up all of the room in our big 3 car garage/shop, it finally came to the point where more organization HAD to happen.  Spring is here and it was time to dig out our lawn mower from the piles of rubble around it.  A few weeks ago, Brad and I spent a whole Saturday out in the garage sorting and stacking it all up.  I love watching my husband work.  He goes to great lengths to try and explain something to me about his ideas for it all but it doesn't usually sink in till I actually SEE it.  When he told me his plan for stacking all of this stuff, I went along with it, most of the time thinking he was nuts and that this was never going to work.  But work it did, and splendidly too! 

So now that everything is organized it is so much fun to work out there.  Yes, there is still a GIANT pile of the bigger timbers that we really have nowhere to go with, but for now, we can at least move out there.  Oh, and the tractor is out which is a very good thing.  Our lawn is in dire need of some grooming.

Brad's been spending lots of time out there and I join him whenever I can.  We've been trying to come up with all kinds of things to make with this ole wood.  Some of the ideas came from online sites and some of it is stuff we just came up with!

We salvaged a trap door from the barn and weren't sure what to do with it.  After more thought we decided it would make an excellent lid to a chest.  This was the result.  I so love it but there is no room in my house for it.  It can be yours for $100.00!
We also made a BUNCH of these ladders out of the old tobacco lath that was on the roof.  According to sites we visited, they are a hot item!  You may own one for $5.00!

We also made "baskets" and candle boxes.  I think these baskets would look great with pansies or summer flowers planted in them  $5.00 if you want either one of these. 

I had been wanting to make some signs with some of the siding.  For now I made a bunch like this , but want to get a stencil to make the letters a little more uniform.  I have 2 of these signs around our house here and LOVE them!  One can be yours for $5.00!
Brad also made signs like this for our kids room (more coming later on that).  I painted the letters A, B,C on them and simply love how it turned out!

There are still lots of doors.  We're thinking of making a table with one of them.  I have heard they are in high demand, I just don't now how to connect with the right buyers...
There are also a few of these cool pieces that were part of the frames above the doors/windows.  I think they would look great with WELCOME on them or even a last name.

If you would like to custom order something, or if you've got any ideas of things we could make, let me know!  We're also looking into selling some things wholesale to a shop somewhere.  Also, if you want to buy some wood to make your own thing, we will give you a great deal!  For now, if you have a hard time getting ahold of us, guess where we'll be?!  Hubby's in the middle of making a great toybox for all kinds of kids toys.  Only problem is that it's turning out to be bigger than I thought it would be so we may have to sell it.  It's the size of a traditional like cedar chest but I was hoping for something a little smaller.  We'll see if I can bear to part with it!


  1. I am looking for a planter stand for my porch that has a backing on it for posting signs, chalkboards, etc. Can I do a custom order for something like this?

  2. A toy box can never be to big. :-)

  3. i'd like hubs to make 2 3'x6' tables - how much would you charge for the wood? just rememer, i'm a cheapster! :)

  4. Yes Elmina..we can do that. LOL Karen! Esther..what kind of wood are you looking for? We have lots of the siding stuff that wold be pretty cheap. It's not as sturdy though. We also have heacy timbers and beams. The lath stuff would be a little more because we don't have as much left of it...

  5. Mimmy, I'd love 2 of the baskets for pansies and 1 ladder. Also, are you able to make a chalk/cork board? I'd love one for in my house made out of the siding wood or something that has the scuffed up paint. Maybe like 21L by 16W?? Let me know...
    Everything loks beautiful!
    Thank you!

  6. Not sure how or when i'm able to get it though?? Are you coming to NY anytime soon=)

  7. I need a bench (about 4 feet long and just a little higher than a regular chair) for small people at the table. It would need to be good and sturdy (for wiggly, small people at the table. =) Any ideas what you would charge for something like that?? See, I'm even cheaper than Esther =) so give me a # before you start cutting! I love the siding too but I'll have to convince my hubby that we "need" some first. =)