Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

Our Christmas festivities this year started Christmas Eve. with Brad's family.  I know there are many families who spend Christmas day dashing from one family gathering to another.  I can't imagine that it wouldn't get stressful getting your kids in and out and moving from place to place.  What a long day.  But hey..if that's the way you roll...fine by me!  Thankfully Brad and I don't have to do that.  We "take turns" with our families.  This year Thanksgiving Day was spent with the Rollmans and Christmas Day with the Petersheims.  Makes for, in my opinion, a more relaxing holiday. 

Although, is there such a thing as a "relaxing" time with family!!!  I barely remember the days before the inlaws and the nieces and nephews and can't imagine how quiet those days must have been!  Now, there's noise everywhere and the kids all want you to play with them and check out their new stuff, games get started then there are always the intense discussions.  Oh but I wouldn't trade it though.  Each family has it's own dynamics and yes, things change and inlaws come along and kids get added, but that's what makes it fun and makes it family.

I learned something new this year.  Long ago my hubby told me he had taken piano lessons as a child and used to be able to play all kinds of stuff, but I had never really gotten the chance to hear him play.  Our party was at Jim & Stacy's place and they have a lovely piano.  Stac got out some music and persuaded Brad to play a duet with her.  Before we knew it he was playing all kinds of stuff.  AMAZING!  He played "The Drummer Boy" in all 4 parts and barely missed a note.  Pretty good I'd say after probably 20ish years of no more lessons.  Now I'm on the lookout for a piano to have here although I have no idea where we would put it.  I just like to think of how romantic it would be to have him serenade me every night!

This year, with Brad's family, instead of individually exchanging names we did it as couples.  It was fun to get gifts that we both wanted.  Keith and Heather had our name and got us 2 mountain pie makers.  Can't wait to use them when we go camping this spring!  Brad's parents gave me a griddle and a 2 year subscription to Taste of Home.  Brad got a tarp he wanted and another mountain pie maker!  Looks like we are set now.

Jeremiah loved the tool set we got for him.  Uncle Brad had just as much fun getting it all out of the packaging!

On to the Petersheims on Christmas Day.  Mom made her traditional roasht, and all the fixings!  Roasht is like bread filling and turkey mixed together.  It's a traditional meal for Amish weddings.  Thankfully my parents were Amish at one time and so now we make sure that she never forgets how to make it!  It's a favorite with all of us.

Dad read the Christmas story before we opened gifts.

Brad got a nice water cooler that we have been wanting.

Mom gave each of us gals a beverage dispenser thing.  You can light a tea light under it to use for hot drinks.

Hunting was the theme for Christmas this year.  2 of the boys got this hunting set from Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa.  the deer actually ran and then you tried to shoot them with the bow.  What a hit!  It provided hours of fun for them upstairs (away from us : ) ) until one of the deer broke! 

My brother brought this thing along.  It plugs into the TV and you shoot at the deer that come along.  We all had our turn to play.  What fun!

This Christmas did seem different than other years.  Something came up between Brad and I the day before Christmas and then Christmas morning the prenancy test I took was negative.  I was soooo hoping God would give us the gift of a baby for Christmas.   I tried not to let it put a damper on my day, but it did.  All I wanted to do was go home and cry.  It was there in the back of my mind and I regret it now.  Regret that I took it and regret that I let it get to me.  But the truth is, it "gets to me" sometimes. 

A few days later and a few good cries later, everything was "ok" again.  Brad and I spent a few late nights talking stuff out and now, are more in love than ever.  Isn't it funny how marriage is?  Tough stuff comes along but you work it out and then it makes your marriage stronger than ever.  Good try devil!

Ok wasn't planning on that all coming out in this post but so goes....


  1. Thanks for being honest and sharing your heart, Mimy.. Keep remembering that God knows the plans He has for- plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future... Good things He as for you! It was also a good reminder to read this and be reminded of how that disagreements and then working thru them are all part of a healthy relationship. Thanks for being our friends! Thinking of you.. -Tric

  2. I love and respect your honesty!! Thinking of you!! ---Devon