Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Office!

So 2 years after moving into this place, we are still working on getting things done.  You see... a few things need to be in place before projects happen.  1)  Money. 2)  Time. and 3)  Feellikeitishness. (yes, that is a word! )  Little by little things are getting done around here, but then there are always new things.  I already have a list a mile long of ideas for hubby to work on this summer.    He doesn't seem to mind though cuz I'm usually right there beside him helping in whatever way I can.   It's a hobby of both of ours..tinkering around and so much fun to do it together.  Brad is so patient with me and doesn't mind showing me how to use different tools or explaining things to me. 

On our list of things to do sometime is fix up our basement.  As of now, it's all block and nothing on the ceiling etc.  The winter we got married, we managed to get our big huge TV down after taking out 7 (yes 7) steps.  We threw down some remnant carpeting and put some furniture down there and it's actually quite cozy.  But little by little we'd like to finish the ceiling, do the walls and put some flooring down.   With the thought of kiddos coming into the picture soon we decided to move our office down there to free up a bedroom upstairs.  One corner was just the perfect size.  So we saved up to get lumber and carpet but everything else was free.  It actually didn't cost us that much.  Brad's grandpa had left a BUNCH of insulation here when he moved and the paint was leftover from the rest of our house. 

The main thing/project was a built in bookshelf.  Brad did an AMAZING job.  He is such a perfectionist with this kind of thing and the end result is beautiful!
The house we live in was built by Brad's grandpa and he left us all sorts of treasures when he moved!  Among them being old circus tent poles.  Grandpa had salvaged them after a circus was going to throw them out.  We were planning to use more of them in the bookshelf but they didn't look quite right.  I ended up painting them black and we used them in the corners.  Member that list for summer I told you about?  One thing on there is build a pergalo with the rest of these poles. 

The shelves took a while to do.  Brad notched them all out so they would fit into each other.  Talk about precise work!  I chisled the middle parts out.  And never mind the headphones.  I hate loud noises so this way he could keep sawing away.  And it is kinda tough to work with your hands over your ears! ; )

Thankfully we had the whole basement to spread out the painting projects

The window was FREE from a job Brad was on.  We framed it out with barn wood!

Dad tore out a bunch of cabinets at a job and wondered if we wanted them.  We said yepper and used  one as beside the desk.  I painted it black and distressed it.  The counter top was FREE from leftover scraps at a job Brad did. Yay for FREE things and yay for leftovers!

In our office upstairs I had a closet to store all kinds of stuff in.  These wire baskets were a "No sale" at the auction so I got to take them home for FREE and thought they would be cute organizers for envelopes etc.

Love that there is also room for my sewing machine in case I get inspired to use it again.  "Mending" is about all it does right now although there are all kinds of ideas in my head!

He also made a great storage area under the stairs.'s the after.  It's a little tough to get good pics in here because the room is so small!  I don't like that the first thing you see is the gun cabinet.  Maybe painting it black would look better?

The rest of the basement will have to wait...but for now, besides the big pile of kitchen cabinets in the middle of the room, this is as good as it's gonna get for now!

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