Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow storm Number 1

Our corner of the world has been blessed with lovely snowfalls this year. I can remember the blizzard of 1993 and 1996, but I think this tops it all. This time though, I live on a street in the "city" instead of way back in the woods. Ok, ok it's not a city, but with the firehall only 2 doors down and a school across the street from us, we didn't really get to feel "snowed in". The snow started falling Friday night and by Saturday we had over a foot of snow. We measured about 14 inches. It was absolutely beautiful. There is something about snow covering everything around, and slowing things down, that is so beautiful.

On Saturday morning, my hubby plowed the driveway and kept piling the snow at one spot. His plan was to build an igloo! It turned into more of a cave dug into the snow. He went into work for a few hours on Saturday morning to help clear snow at jobs and when he came home, we worked on it for a while. He made it soo cozy! It was about 7 feet wide and 9 feet long. We spread out a sleeping bag on the bottom and that kept some of the moisture from coming up through. Then we piled a bunch of blankets on that. Brad had dug a shelf out on either end so we set our lantern and flashlight on them. We got it finished around dark and decided maybe we would try sleeping out there. It was actually pretty warm inside, if you stayed away from the door! After being out there for about an hour we decided our bed would be more comfy so we went inside to sleep. I was sure I would "feel" drips all night from melting snow!

On Sunday we went back out with
hot chocolate and sticky buns and our favorite game...checkers.
We both enjoy playing checkers. There was a game in the cottage we stayed in for part one of our honeymoon and for some reason, we just started playing. Then on our way down to Tennessee for part 2 of our honeymoon, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast and bought a checker rug. Now it is our game of choice. Perfect for 2 people.
The igloo is now covered in another foot or 2 of snow. We thought of adding on and expanding it, but decided not to. It was fun while it lasted though!


  1. Hi Mimy,I am Janice Martin's sister and a MIL to Lisa.(Judy's sis)I like your igloo but I'm glad you didn't sleep in it!It almost made me claustrophobic just thinking about it! :)

  2. you guys are just too much. Thanks for making me smile today.


  3. love your creativity. looks like fun! the kids made a small one the 2nd storm we had but i do beleive yours topped it by far!!