Monday, July 19, 2010

Rollman Family Camping

The weekend of the 4th of July found the Rollman clan plus some aunts and uncles and cousins at Camp Swatara.  The Rollmans have been doing this long before I came on the scene.  Since I love camping, it's a vacation we look forward to every year.

The best part of camping is the food.  Oh my....the food!  Burgers and potatoes, bacon, eggs, pancakes, scrapple..... I don't really go all out and it's nice cuz each family does their own thing so I never had to make a huge meal to feed everyone.

We made all of our food over the fire.  Friends of ours had given us Dutch Ovens as a wedding gift and we use them alot!

Course having such a handsome man help with the cooking makes everything taste better!
During the day there were water fights, volleyballs games, crazy games of Pictionary, and just plumb down sitting and relaxing! I think that's the part Brad and I loved the most.

In the evening we always had a cozy campfire.  Some dozed oblivious to all that went on around them!  Every year there are a brave few who walk across the fire.  When it is time to place a new log on the fire, they fun across it before it has a chance to smolder too long. 

There were cute little boys all over the place.  It's time someone has a little girl around here.   I would gladly try and make that happen.  Wouldn't even mind adding another boy cousin.  But for now, we're waiting.....

There was a really cute big boy too!  He knows that I love his muscles!

These 2 in the pic above were always together.  Except for about an hour when poor Joy was running terrified from my husband when he was determined to dump a bucket of water on her during a water battle.  Poor Joy found a safe hiding spot in the woods while her frantic fiance was going crazy looking for her.  Finally they were reunited and I don't think he left go of her the rest of the weekend!!!

I missed out on the traumatic moment because that was the day I spent in the hospital with my friend Rosie.  Read my previous post for more on that.

Brad's cousin Lori does hair.  She does other stuff too, but she went to school to learn how to do hair.  She brought her clippers and scissors and stuff along, hoping for some clients!

I normally cut my husbands hair.  He used to just buzz it all.  When I first met him he had a ginormous clump of hair swooped back on his head.  He says he started using gel when he met me but....maybe we should stop there.  Let's just say that he had been a bachelor too long!  I actually love doing his hair and prefer to keep it longer.  I do trim it shorter in the summer.  Anyway, as everyone around us sat in Lori's chair, their hair would disappear.  I made the mistake of saying to my husband "Hey babe, I wonder how YOU would look with no hair".  Just the week before that he had shaved his goatee off.  I told him that I thought he looked like a 12 year old!!  I don't know why, but I love the look of facial hair.  Something so manly and rugged about it.  Back to the story....I had no sooner said those words than he was in the chair like a flash.  I was stunned.  He said "should I really do it"?  I thought, hey, why not, and said "Sure babe, go for it!"! 
Yikes!  Don't stop now!

After we got home from the weekend I told him he may as well take a razor to it and do it right since it probably won't happen again!

I kinda like it but I'm ready for it to grow back again.

In spite of everything we had a great weekend.  I treasure any time I get with this man, and we have so much fun together!  I feel like I missed out on parts of the weekend when I was at the hospital.  We were both glad we were not camping too far away and I could go and be with Rosie some of the time.  For updates on her husbands condition you can check out his facebook page. 

We're already looking forward to the next camping trip!

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  1. I have been praying for your friend and her family-a lot actually. There have been random times they have come to my mind...

    Looks like you had such a blast. These are such great memories.