Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life's Curves

Right now I am sitting in a waiting room at a hospital.  You never know what is going to come along your way.  Gone are my plans for the week and the camping trip we were looking forward to last weekend was not what we had planned.  

We had just set up camp Friday night and were relaxing by the fire when we got the call that my friend Genie was in an accident.  He was on his motorcyle and a camper pulled out in front of him. He is considered "brain dead", but his heart is still going strong.  He is on life support and at this point he will be on it until God gives his wife peace about taking it off, or performs a miracle .   She is believing for a miracle and the restoration of her husband.  We are supporting her in that.  We came right into the hospital Friday night and then I came back and spent the day Sunday here.

Genies wife Rosie is a good friend of mine.  I was in her bridal party a few years ago.  It hurts me soo bad to see her going through this.  She is due with their 4th child in about a week.  She has been so strong and has been leaning on God and the support of people all around her.

Rosie is the one on the far right.

It breaks my heart to see her going through this.  I really can not imagine what I would do if I would be in her shoes.  Should she take her husband off of life support...should she leave him on?  Brad and I have talked about it and he told me that he would hope that I would take it off.  But really...I don't know what I would do when it would come down to it.  I know that I would probably want to keep him around as long as possible. I really pray that I will never have to make a decision like that.

This whole situation has been a huge reminder to me to cherish each day with my husband.  We really have no promise of how much time we will have together.  I get to go home to my husband after a long day in the hospital and cry out all my emotions on his shoulder as he holds me.  Rosie does not have that privilege right now and I'm sure she would give anything to have that chance again. 


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  1. Chills are going up and down my body!!! I cannot imagine!!! So thankful for God's grace when we go through trials and it seems He is giving her that grace now. PTL!!! Rachel Stoltzfus