Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trash to Treasure

I love Tuesdays. 

Ever since I started working at Farmersville auction, I've been collecting all kinds of treasures.  You see, anything that doesn't sell, we as workers get the option of taking it for free.  Me, I am a sucker when it comes to free stuff.  I spot poor lost items and they seem to call my name. 

So a few weeks ago, these old desk ends ended up on the "no bid" pile.  Poor dejected things.  I wonder what their history is?  Right away I thought that they would make a good planter stand.

Too bad I don't have a picture of them before we did anything but they really didn't look any different.  I didn't really do anything to them other than get my hubby to make a seat, back and top of old wood.  He also fastened it on pieces of wood to keep it sturdy.  See, I wouldn't have thought of that!

Hubbys are so handy!  I like to try and do most of my redo things on my own but sometimes it just needs manly help!

My  hubby has the brains to know how to put together the things I see in my head!  Guess that's what marriage is all about...working together!

It turned out just likethe picture in my head.  All except the long flowy plants.  Next year I will get plants before they are all picked out.  I envision plants trailing off of it, down the sides.  At least these plants I picked up were buy one, get one free!  Not a bad look for $2.25!

Who says trash can't become treasure!

It's Tuesday and I'm off to the auction again!  Wonder what will be calling my name today?!


  1. I love that desk-especially with the flowers. It looks great!

    I know what you mean about how exhausting kids can be, but I promise you, it is somehow so much different when they are your own. I remember having little children over long before I had my own babe, I had all sorts of little crafts, activities, etc to do...but I was wiped afterwards! When it's your own, things are just more natural, you just let them play around more!

    You sure are a great Auntie!

  2. Hey Mimy, Quintin was just saying the other day that he's glad I don't work there anymore. Imagine all the stuff I'd bring home!