Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I don't like when my husband works Saturdays.  I don't complain though because it's nice not having to stretch the paycheck as much.   Besides, he's making up for times this winter when work was slow.  He's usually home by 3 or so when he does work on Saturdays so it could be worse, but I still would rather have him home with me!

So a few weeks ago, on a Saturday, when my husband was at work, my doorbell rang and there was this sweet old man handing me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I ripped open the note...

I was so thrilled!  I had always thought it was soooo romantic when a husband did this kind of thing for his wife and now my husband was doing it for me.  Totally out of the blue. 
This is my puzzled face.  Definitely not a mad face although looking at it now, I think I look a bit irritated.  But for real, I was puzzled and tickled!

We headed out and made some stops along the way.  One of them to MacDonald's to chill with a mocha frappe....mmmmm.  Then we had to fill our tire with air.  I sat in the car and sipped my frappe while hubby dear did his manly duty and made our chariot ready.
My hubby was determined to keep our destination a secret as long as possible and kept his mouth shut even in the face of true adversity!  As soon as we headed east, I assumed we were headed to Philadelphia or somewhere around there.  It doesn't get much more "east" than that unless you want to drive for a few hours and head northeast or southeast.  Ok..I'm getting off track...We did end up in Philly.  Brad reserved an executive suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. 
Brad said that it actually wasn't as great as the website made it seem, but we did have a lovely room!  The executive part meant that we had full access to a 24 hour snack bar on that floor.  We did help ourselves to some goodies and then got bagels and fruit there in the morning for breakfast.

It was such a lovely weekend of refreshment and just enjoying each other.  We watched movies and talked and laughed and dreamed and just enjoyed being together. 

I never dreamed married life could be this good.  It feels so good to have someone love me unconditionally and who challenges me to be my very best.  He shows me in sooo many ways that he loves me.  He empties the dishwasher every morning if it is full.  He tells me every day that I am the most beautiful woman in the world.  He listens when I pour out my heart and holds me when I cry.  He makes me talk when something is bothering me.  He tells me every day that he loves me! 

I am so glad the honeymoon stage doesn't have to end!

I love you babe! : )


  1. LIKE!!!! Racheal

  2. mimy, your journey of marriage is just so beautiful!! your happiness bubbles over, and is such a picture of Christ's love for us! i'm so happy for you! ;)

  3. mimy what an awesome surprise.its great to see you guys so happy. suz

  4. Fun, fun! Sweet surprises are so . . . well, sweet. :)