Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kevin & Joy!!

A few weeks ago, the last of Brad's single siblings got married.  Kevin & Joy met online on a Christian dating site.  It's honestly amazing to me how God brings people together.  She is from waaayyyy over the "pond", Kenya, Africa, and he hails from the teeny little town of Ephrata.

My friends and I used to argue about the question "Does God have 1 perfect person in mind for you to marrry?"  Brad and I still discuss it.  He says there is not a doubt in his mind that I am the one and only for him.  I agree and know he is "the one" for me too. 

It makes any love story amazing.  Brad and I lived within miles of each other all of our lives even though it took a while to find each other!  Kevin & Joy know they were meant for each other and I think it's so neat that no matter how far apart geographically people are, God can still bring them together! 

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  1. Oh how nice for you to post this, yes there's no doubt in my mind that we were meant for each other.