Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time's A comin

"Christmas Time's a Comin'...Christmas Times a Comin'...."  My mom used to always sing that song around this time of year and now it's ringing in my head too! 

I know there are lots of people who hate the way that Christmas is pushed before Thanksgiving even rolls around, but I guess I don't really feel that way.  I love having the house all Christmasy and cozy for the holidays.  We only get a few weeks till Christmas is over so I like to make good use of it! 
My hubby is one of the "scroogy" types!  He thinks it's ridiculous that Christmas starts so early.  He did give me "permission" though to decorate after Thanksgiving but not a moment before!.  Well....I got him persuaded to let me start Thanksgiving eve.  Neither of us had to work the next day and were able to sleep in.  We had to go to the barn to get a load of stuff out of there and when we got home we were both still feeling energetic.  Soooo we went to Sheetz around midnight and got us some grub and then got all the Christmas boxes out and ready to go.  We had a blast working into the wee hours of the morning to make our house "Christmasy".  That's the kind of thing that makes memories!

The first Christmas that we were married we were on our honeymoon so we didn't have any decor up.  When we got back from our honeymoon we bought all kinds of stuff on clearance for our Christmases to come including our tree.  I think we got it for like $20.00!  The regular price was over $80.00.  The ornament above we got at Hallmark to celebrate our marriage.  "For love, for life, for keeps, for real"

Brad knew I love Willow Tree and I had mentioned that someday I would love the Nativity set.  Last year around Thanksgiving he said he has my gift.  Should he give it to me now?  Sure why not!  It was the Joseph & Mary, baby Jesus part of the Nativity set.  And then he said that he was going to give me a part to add to it every  year.  I said, Aw, thanks hon!   Then he says "Well, should I just give it to you now?  I have the rest in my truck!"  LOL So,  the depressing part is that I have my gift for the next 3 years.  GROAN.  But it is nice to have all the pieces up and something tells me I'll be getting gifts anyway! ; )

This dear ornamnet was handpainted by my hubby when he was just a young'un.
I didn't buy too much extra this year other than a few auction finds for a dollar or 2!  The candle lamp above I got for $3.00.  The shutter below was Free.  It was pink and I repainted it.  The angel in the scene below that was also a cheap buy.

And then comes cookie day.  OH MY!  Believe it or not, this is the first year that we women got together to make Christmas cookies.  I wanted to try an icing cookie this year so we got together and made it a blast!  Mommie and the preschoolers joined in for some of it too.  There is something so beautiful about generations together.

Now it's the week of Christmas and I am finally getting my Christmas cards in the mail.  The "letter" was typed out about a month ago and then things got crazy and cards got put on the back burner. I thought for sure I'd have them out in good time this year but I stayed true to my procrastinating self!

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