Friday, December 10, 2010

Parade and Personal Problems!

We are on the committee for our church's annual LIVE NATIVITY.  Oh my is sooo much work but it is also so rewarding.  The month of December finds us running hither and thither.  Of course if some of us didn't procrastinate like we do, things would not be as crazy!  But that's so me.  Always has been, maybe always will be.  The weird thing is though that I'm ok with it.  I think!  I work better "under pressure" and something within me loves the crunch time.  It IS something I am trying to do better in though!

This year, we as a committee, decided to also do a float in a Christmas parade in a town near here.  Brad and I were in charge of organizing it all.  Because of me and my procrastinating dining room and laundry room became painting areas.  It was way to cold to do it out in the garage but had I not procrastinated and done it this fall or even summer *gasp* my house would've been unscarred.  Hey, nothing a good cleaning can't take care of.  I bought some old sheets from Goodwill and just painted the words on there.  We plan to get vinyl banners made to use in years to come.

This is how my kitchen looked almost every day and even for a couple of days in a row.  Shocking I know and embarrassing, but, it's life.  Should I admit something else?  This wasn't even one of the worst days!  Let's just say my poor hubby was very patient through it all and even survived on eggs or sandwiches for supper a few nights in a row. 

The big sign got painted in the laundry room.  I'm still wiping green spray paint off of weird places!!  It got so old walking around this thing too.  And the laundry kept piling up. 

On to the parade.  It was a cold, cold day but the float riders braved it all.  This was our first year in this parade and things were soooo unorganized.  We got shuttled to the wrong place and I had to hike it back the 25 or so miles...ok ok that was a stretch.  Probably more like a mile or 1/2 a mile but it felt like so much more!  We pretty much ended up back where we had gotten shuttled from.  Meanwhile the rest of the group found a bus to ride back on.  All in all it was a fun day and we even tied for 3rd place.  Our prize was $200.00!!!  We were so thrilled.  Click HERE to view the parade.  You have to fast forward it to about 124 to see us! The angels were singing but you can't hear them.  Hopefully we'll have mics next year.

Brad made the stable out of wood from the old barn we took down.  And the sheep (in the picture below)  seriously stole the show.  We think they are the reason we got 3rd.  Next year we hope to put a donkey on the float and get 1st prize!!

Brad got us all started and on our way and then hightailed it out of there to finish up the barn.  So while I was waving to everyone on the parade route, he and a few helpers managed to get it all done!  It now looks like this...

Our garage?  Well that's a different story.  About 2 of the 3 bays are FULL of wood and doors and other barny stuff!  We're in the process of listing some of it for sale and some of it we are keeping for projects.  Projects that could take a year or 2 if we put it off long enough.

I need to wrap this up and get ready to head out the door to our first night of Nativity!  This will be a busy weekend for sure!  Come on out and see us and experience Christmas in a whole new way!


  1. Sadly, my kitchen looks that way more often then not...I've gotten over being embarrassed about it. :-)

  2. This is is so great that you are participating in this! I think it's so cool that the stable is made out of the old barn board.

    I can't wait to see and hear what you've all done with that ol barn. What a wild undertaking. Best of luck!