Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foot Detox

A few weeks ago I had a consultation at a nutritional center. A few friends had recommended that I go. Basicaly I wanted to go and see if they could see anything in my body that may have caused my miscarriages. They tested my urine, saliva, and drinking water. After doing a few small tests on me, I had a consult with an RN there. She asked me lots of questions about my health history. Things like, have I been exposed to mold, microwaved plastics, and all kinds of other questions. Then I had a consult with the nutritionalist. He said that because of the things they found in my urine and saliva, he thinks that I may have a blockage in my liver. Other than that, he said I appear very healthy. Soooo he prescribed some natural detox stuff for my liver. According to him, I should only have to be on this about a month and then we could "try again".

While I was there I was reading some literature they had on various other services they offer. One thing that caught my attention was the foot detox thing that they do. I thought "Hmmmm, this looks fascinating...maybe I'll try it". After I found out that the first visit was free, I decided I would definitely try it!

You basically soak your feet for an hour in water. There is a little electrode box in the water. The electrodes draw toxins out of your body through the pores on your feet.

This is how things looked at the start of the soak

This is 30 minutes into the soak

And......... brace yourselves.....this is at the end of the hour soak!!
Ewwww!!!! YUCK! NaStY! I'm sure there are a few other adjectives that would fit here! The water at the end was black and looked kinda like algae. There were black flecks all over the water and on my feet. My pores were black too. I was horrified. There was a paper explaining all of the different ways people's feet have looked and explaining what was probably wrong. The blackish greenish look mine had was from toxins in the liver. Pretty much what they had said! The black flecks were from "heavy metals". Still not sure what this all means, but hope to learn more.

I know this method of treatment is somewhat controversial, but it felt "right" to me. The people I worked with were all Christian people and explained everything very clearly to me.

I would love to hear your opinions and experiences with doing things "naturally"!


  1. Mimy, i did this several yrs ago & the difference between the firat of six treatments was amazing. i can't say i felt different as i'm pretty healthy but i'm glad for that experience. it is GROSS & fascinating aat the same time - kinda like needing to see what a BM looks like before the flush! :) best wishes!

  2. OH. MY. WORD.
    I've always been interested in trying that!
    Could you feel it coming out of your feet?
    Is it as thick and "ga-lumpy" as it looks or just thin liquidy?

  3. fascinating! I've seen detox patches for feet advertised but was always skeptical. But Wow!

  4. I'm curious. Was there anything in the water before they started the process or was it just pure water?

  5. Marylou..I didn't really feel it coming out. Every now and then i felt a tingly feeling in my body..it was more thin and liquidy...

    Sheldon...the water was clear when I started. They do add some salts and minerals but you can't see them.

    Karen...not sure if the patches would have the same result?

    Esther..I'm sure after I do it 6 times it won't look quite as bad!

  6. Mimmy, since you asked for opinions and thoughts I will give some. I don't want to rain on your parade but you should look up foot detox scams on the web. The reason it appears to work is because the "minerals" that they put into the water are actually particles that react to the electrode and basically rust and create a chemical reaction. This is what creates the disgusting looking water not the toxins in your body. It is scientifically impossible for a foot detox to work. I believe it would create the same reaction whether your feet were in the water or not. I realize that Tree of Life will try to convince you that it does work but it doesn't. Be very careful with Tree of Life. I happen to know some things about them and they mix a lot of Eastern/New Age religion into their Christianity. In my opinion you would be much better off just having a nice foot bath without the added gunk.

  7. Hey Mimy,
    I find this interesting. I don't know much about those machines, but my grandma had one. My bro Chris is a jr. in H.S. and one of his teachers was saying that they're a joke or whatever and he told my grandma, so she ran it without feet and sure enough, the water still turned all black. Just thought I'd share that. I'm not crossing it off - I really don't know much about it other than that.

  8. Sheldon...looks like I should've done more research before I went! Thanks for the heads up. I was kinds leary about it to begin with, and now am more so.

    Kara...thanks to some friends i looked into it more and there are so many opinions out there. I'm tepmpted to go again and pay $20.00 or whatever it is and not put my feet in at all and see what happens and take video and pictures! Hmmm....maybe I'll do that! We'll see!

  9. Very interesting! I wondered if that electrode pack is what caused the color?? Guess it's the minerals from the way it sounds