Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old Becomes New!

Yesterday the most random thing happened to me! I was feeling all springy and decided to go and buy some pansies to brighten things up around here. Pansies are one of the first flowers you can plant in the spring and they survive the sometimes coldish weather when winter wants to hang on. Anyway, on the way to the greenhouse I noticed all kinds of cars and trucks at the Farmersville auction. They have a sale there every Tuesday, but I totally forgot about it. I turned in on a whim and ended up spending the rest of the day there! Gone were thoughts of pansies and what I should be doing at home (housecleaning). Instead I was surrounded by bargains! Granted, some of the stuff didn't look like it was worth much, but I knew that with a little TLC and some creative ideas, old things could take on a whole new purpose! Sooooo, I stood outside, followed the little golfcart around, and bid on many things and got a few things. Things are a little tight for us right now so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I spent about $11.oo and got lots of goodies. Here is one of them.

This whole bundle of old red fenceposts were sold along with a tattered planter for $5.00. The plant stand probably should be thrown away, but I thought of something I could do with it so for now it stays. OK, I keep getting sidetracked! Back to the boards. Since I have such a crafty hubby I thought I'd buy them and see if he could make me a frame with them. I have an old picture of my mom that I blew up to a 16x20 size and have been looking for a frame. "Rufus Hoover" wanted me to spend $40.00 for one but I decided no! I took my bundle of fenceposts home and when my hubby came home from work, I showed him my finds and asked him if he would make me a frame with the boards. Of course he agreed. Meanwhile I thought that a fence would be a neat thing to add to our flower beds or have to deco with. My hubby cut the back boards for me and then turned me loose with a staple gun!

Here's the fence

And then this afternoon, I finally got my pansies. For now the "fence" is on our little porch but may be moved into flower beds this summer!

I didn't get pictures during the process because we were to busy hard at work! I think this frame is far better than any "Rufus Hoover" could make. Definitely cheaper!

Needless to say, I'll be going back to the auction and seeing what else I can find! Oh, and wait till you see what I come up with for my other bargains of the day!!!


  1. wildly impressive! welcome to this world of imaginative 'old into new' world! :)

  2. awesome fence and it looks so cute on the porch! great job lady