Monday, June 14, 2010

Got Milk?

So maybe it's the fact that I was raised on a farm.  I don't know, but when it comes to my beverage of's MILK.  I drink alot of water too, but I drink at least 2 or 3 tall glasses of milk a day.  Probably even more so since I've been staying away from "fake" drinks.  Not even diet soda anymore!  At first the break from caffeine bothered me.  At least I think that's what it was...guess it coulda just been P.M.S.!  At any rate, I've been soda free now for about 2 months I guess.  I'm not really keeping track though.  I drink mostly milk and water and every now and then fresh meadow tea or other tea.  Sometimes lemonade too.

Pretty much anyone can tell you that I am no health nut.  Lately though, I've been a lot more careful about what all goes in my body.  Maybe it's the fact that hopefully in the next few months my body will be home to a growing baby.  Maybe it's the fact that I've had 2 miscarriages and even though I've done some tests and was told that it looks like I am in great health and that is not the reason for my miscarriages, I know it wouldn't hurt me to eat better!  So lately I've been watching what I eat and what I drink.  Sure, I still go for the sugary treats and have a hard time saying no, but it has been getting easier.  I also have been walking and working out with my hubby.  More on that at a later post.  I really wasn't gonna write all of that. 
So what WAS I blogging about?  (looks at title line)  Oh yeah...MILK!

Ever since a friend of mine showed me what all is IN some milk, I have been telling everyone I know.  I took some pictures the other day to prove it.  Bet ya never looked at the ingredients in MILK before.

Yes, there it is, listed in the ingredients.  "Nonfat dry milk".  Ewww.gag.  I don't know about you, but when I buy a gallon of milk, I expect it to be fresh good milk!  Not dry milk. 

Now I don't really like the taste of "raw milk".  Good for you if you do, but for some reason it makes me gag.  I think back to farm days and remember dad squirting fresh milk right into my mouth from the udder of some poor bovine, and  I LOVED it.  But maybe it's because I've been off the farm for 20 some years now that it's hard for me to go back to the raw milk.

So, I opt for 2nd best.  If you live in Lancaster County, this place is the best place to buy milk!

They are located just off of Peter's Road in New Holland. 

Do you know of any other place where they have a DRIVE THROUGH for milk and ice cream and other dairy products?!

Their prices are lower than regualar stores too! 

Since we've been getting our milk here, we pretty much refuse to get it anywhere else.  Sure, there has been the emergency run to Turkey Hill for milk, but when we are in the area of Lapp Valley we stock up!  Stop in and see for yourself!

And this picture has nothing to do with milk, but I'm gonna add it here just cuz I like it!  Last weekend my hubby and I went to see SHREK in 3D.  Don't we rock the glasses?!

That's all....I'm off to enjoy a cold glass of MILK!


  1. I agree Mimy this is a great place to buy milk. that is all we like too. Sarah

  2. Really? Dehydrated milk? eeeeeyuck!

    That looks like the coolest place to buy milk--the drive through just makes it that much sweeter. :)

    I'm going to go and check my milk jug out now!

  3. Thanks for telling us about Lapps- right on my way home from work. If it doesnt have dry milk powder in it, i'm all for it! --Tric

  4. no better place to get milk. i love it too cause it doesn't have added hormones in which is wonderful if you have kids. all those hormones can be really bad for little kids. great post. love reading your blog

  5. Yeah for LAppy Valley that is where my mom and dad always get there milk! love that stuff

  6. and their ice cream is really delicious too!

  7. it's the only place we get our milk...nothing better:) Lynette

  8. I so wish we'd live "in the area" of Lapp Valley Farm! Anyway, you have no idea how thirsty for milk I am right now. LOL. Great post, and I'm so proud of you for the right choices you're making with your diet. You never will regret it.