Thursday, June 3, 2010

Snakes and Smores

Memorial Day found some of my family gathering at my parents for a cookout and pool party.  When we got there, I headed inside bearing bags of food.  I stopped dead in my tracks when my husband said in a pretty calm voice.  "Hey honey, check out this snake you just walked by".  To which I promptly responded by dropping all baggage and running for the nearest safe place.  You see, I don't really run toward "danger" (which in this case was a snake), I run as fast as I can the other way.  But curiosity got the best of me and I ventured over for a closer look.  Sure enough, there it sat, sunning itself and digesting it's latest meal.  There was a big bulge in it's middle region.  I don't have pics of when we first seen it, because I was to busy being scared for my life.  There's just something about snakes that......UGH.

Flash backwards to one of my visits to Nevada.  There are rattlesnakes out there and here I am forcing myself to touch one!  You can tell my my face that I wasn't enjooying it too much!
We put the snake in a bucket so the rest of the family could see it when they got there.  When we went back to get it, there was a frog in the bucket as well.  Remember how I said, there was a bulge in the snake?  Well, the poor snake had been so distressed by all the commotion that it didn't get time to finish digesting it's meal.  Let's just say it looked disgusting!

When my brother came, he put on some heavy duty gloves and stretched it out so the kids could touch it.

"Did you touch it"? you ask.  Seriously, do you even need to ask?

The snake now has a home with Dontae's turtle although I hear his mother refuses to let it live in the house.  Can you blame her?  I sure don't!

Now...on to happier things!

Pretty soon the rain came and forced us to take the party inside.  We had planned on starting up a campfire and roasting hotdogs and making smores but ended up doing smores in the oven.  Nothing beats a campfire smore, but these were a close 2nd!
Poor Megs was feeling under the weather and even a big huge tower built by the most handsome carpenter in the world could barely get a smile from her.
One of my most favorite things is having my hair played with.  When I was still living at home and the kiddos came over, often we would get out all the combs, brushes, barettes and bands in the house and I would lay on the couch with my hair over the end and go to sleep till a sharp tug would wake me up!  When there are 3 kids all brushing your hair at the same time, you're bound to have tugs!  Breanne wanted me to do her hair, and then T wanted to get in on the action! 
I kinda feel sorry for my mom.  She loves working in her flower beds, but I'm pretty sure, she will be keeping an eye out now for Mr. Snakes relatives!

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  1. Oh my- I will have to show Aaron your blog- great to meet up with you here- I love your style :) Gina Peachey