Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Derek!

For the past few years instead of buying my nephews and neices something for their birthday, I take them out. I love the one on one time with them. They are growing SO fast! My oldest newphew had a birthday last week. He also shares a birthday with my hubby! I picked him up after school and took him to Ritas (his choice). It was so refreshing on such a hot day!

We sat there, eating our Italian ice and talking. Derek is such a sensitive person and is the most kind hearted child I know. It bothers him when someone is hurting. His mom told me that a few weeks ago at the Gospel Express sale, he shared his money with 2 friends so they could go on rides too. That is just the kind of kid Derek is. I told him I knew about that and told him how proud I was of him. We talked about lots of things and I was so blessed by our time together.

A few days before this, his mom surprised him by having his classmates over at his house. I of course, invited myself to be there to join the fun. It made me miss my teaching days!

They had so much fun feeding the fish in the pond. There were quite a few catfish in there and any time one of them would come to the surface everyone would go crazy! Catfish really are weird looking things. Their mouths are so wide and they have whisker like things all over their mouth....I wonder what all God has in store for this precious boy. He's got so much potential. Love you Derek!

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  1. what a sweet tradition to do with your nieces/nephews; sounds like Derek is a great young man and also sounds like you guys had an enjoyable time celebrating his birthday

    (my gosh that was a big catfish!)