Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Trevor!

This little guy celebrated his birthday this week too! He was waiting on the couch when I picked him up according to his mom, I couldn't get there fast enough! Trevor is the kind of guy that makes me laugh. He is SO much fun to be with. He wanted to go to the park. First we stopped at MacDonalds for chicken nuggets. He barely touched them!

It's all about fun with Trevor. His mom could tell you stories and stories of things he says and does! When he's in the car with me, theres not one moment of silence, but I sure don't mind! He is such a good big brother to Megan. His mom sure is gonna miss him when he goes off to 1st grade next year!

When we were at the park, he wanted me to take all kinds of pictures of him. He would run all over the place, stop and say, "Take a picture of me here". It's kinda exhausting spending time with himTrevor has got a way of making people smile and he brings so much joy to our family and to my life. Love you Trev!

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