Thursday, May 6, 2010

Landscaping Project

Last weekend I went to the beach with some ladies. While I was gone, my wonderful hubby did all of the landscaping and mulching! A few weeks ago when our youth group had a slave auction to benefit their missions trip, we bought the 3 "Esh boys" for 4 hours. I wanted to be at home when it all happened so I could take pictures as they were working. My hubby lovingly told me to go and have fun. He said he wouldn't get as much done anyway if I was home. He says I'm distracting! Whatever! I must say though, that it was oh so nice to leave and come back and the work was all finished! And I was soooo pleased with the results!

This side of the house was all grass and we decided to make it a nice big area! The white bench I found FREE beside the road. The stone there is where our 2 angel babies are buried. We plan on making a little walkway to the bench.

I think this area looks a million times better too. I still want to add some perennials someday.

The left side of the house we did on our own. I had gotten some perennials from friends and my mom. We tried a thing where we did all newspaper and compost and planted the plants in it. So far it's been true to it's word and has been weed free. By the way we did this side about a month and a half ago! The guys just finished it off to round off to the front and join the rest.

Love how this area looks now! (I feel like I'm repeating myself!!)

My hubby even mulched the hedge. It looks so neat and clean now and will be easier to mow. So much trash gets thrown into this from passing cars...GrrrAnd now...for your opinion! When we pulled into the landscapers place to go over the final plans, I noticed this tree along with what I call "squiggly bushes". I told Brad that I sure hope he doesn't have any of these in his plans cuz I don't like them. Guess what....HE DID. Brad and I laughed right away and I told him exactly how I felt about said tree. In the end he, along with my hubby's help, convinced me that it will look nice! It IS growing on me, but I'm still not 100% sure! One of the Esh boys named it the lollipop tree! What do you all think?! Maybe I don't wanna know, but regardless of what your opinions are the tree IS staying. (I think) They say it takes a few years for lanscaping to look it's best. I think too, that it will look even better when things are grown out more!


  1. the tree/bush is...unique!

  2. nice job & great transformation! the tree? if YOU like it that's all that matters! :) a bird house/bath or lg stone would look nice w/ it...

  3. GREAT JOB! The landscaping made your house inviting. I agree with Esther, but I'll add my opinion. I LOVE the tree!!! I had one like it at my other house. Thanks for reminding me about it, I think I'll put it on my wish list.

  4. what a sweet hubby you have to tell you to go and have some fun while he was working hard with the landscaping; everything looks great

    the tree indeed is unique!


  5. I am so enjoying looking through your blog. I clicked on it seeing you had left a comment on 'Faded Prairie's' site.

    Your community looks much like my own....and not many people really understand what that looks like! :) We have three Holdeman Mennnoite church congregations in our area, a mennonite brethren church, and an Alliance church. It is hard for folks to understand the dynamics this makes for our little town. Most kids who I graduated with definitely were 'churched.' We live simply around here, just all in our own different ways....some more extreme than others...

    Pleasure finding your blog...have a great day!