Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Socks

I count myself blessed to have so many friends in my life. There are friends I've had all my life, and there are friends I met later in life. Both are important to me.

I don't remember when I first met these soul mates of mine. We were hanging out with the same singles group and pretty soon we just formed a deeper relationship. When you're older and single, you connect to people who are in the same phase as you and you connect quickly on a deep level. To this day, these are some of my closest friends.
A few years ago, we all went our separate ways. OK, pretty much they all left me in the dust!! Some of the moves were permanant, some for a season. Judy moved to Nevada, Krista to Thailand, and Jeanna to Alabama. I, and I alone, was left here in good ole' PA.
It was not very long after they all took off, in fact Judy was planning to leave the next weekend, when Brad came into my life. It couldn't have been better timing. A few months earlier and it would've been harder for me to "pull away" from my friends. Little did I know that I would be the first of us 4 to get married!
Jeanna was the first to leave in August so in November the rest of us flew down to be with her over Thanksgiving and to be together one last time.
We knew change was coming. Even though we would always be friends, time and distance has a way of changing things. Sure we've all been together since then, but things are different. We always loved the movie "Sisterhood of the traveling pants". I'm not sure how it got started but we decided something like that would be so neat. So, instead of doing the impossible and searching for a pair of pants that would fit each of us, we chose socks. Sisterhood of the traveling pants is just a movie after all! Socks would have to do!

We got the cutest pair of monkey socks and decided we would keep them, wear them a few times and then send them on to the next sister. The socks have made their journey to each of us a few times now. They've been to Thailand, Nevada, Alabama, PA, South Carolina, and who knows where else.

A few days ago, in the mail, there was a package waiting for me. I knew exactly what was inside. I couldn't wait to get into the house and open it! There is a little notebook that travels along with the socks and inside we write where we wore them and if anything special happened when we had them on! We also write about what's going on in our lives. Even though we keep up with eachother on facebook and phone calls, it's fun to read what's been going on and look back over the letters.

I can't wait to wear them and see what happens!

Love you guys...and miss you!


  1. My friends and I did that with a watch for a while... only it got lost at a gym somewhere, which we thought was ironic, considering the fate of said pants in the last book (and second movie). I'm sure you girls have fun with them!

  2. i like this story. it warms my heart. diane

  3. thats pretty neat.. love that movie too. : ) Kay